• CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas 1002231
  • CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas 1002231
  • CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas 1002231
  • CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas 1002231
  • CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas 1002231
  • CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas 1002231

CC-BC 6 M Akum.Pakrovėjas (1002231)

  • Intelligent battery charger with microprocessor controller
  • Multi-step charging cycle, contr. and monitored by microprocessor
  • Universal battery charger for various battery types such as:
  • Gel, AGM, zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries, etc...
  • Automatic battery voltage adjustment for 6/12V vehicles
  • Trickle charge function for a continuously ideal charge status
  • Optimal for season.vehicles with long idle times(convert./m-bike)
  • Use will extend the life of the battery
  • Winter charging mode for outdoor temperatures below 5°C
  • Display: LCD battery voltage and charging progress display
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The Einhell CC-BC 6 M Battery Charger is an intelligent battery-charger device adapted to the technically highly developed, high-performance batteries found in modern vehicles. The micro-processor controlled unit is suitable for a wide range of vehicle battery types and comes with a variety of technical safety and maintenance mechanisms. The main focus of development has been on fast, battery-friendly charging, so that the longest possible lifetime with full performance is achieved. Operating the charger is more straightforward than with conventional devices thanks to a detailed charge status display. This Einhell all-rounder is suitable for gel batteries, AGM batteries and maintenance-free and low-maintenance lead-acid batteries. The CC-BC 6 M adapts automatically to the battery voltage of 6V and 12V vehicles. The multi-stage charging cycle of the Einhell Battery Charger is automatically monitored and adjusted by the micro-processor controller. The smart control electronics analyze the type and condition of the connected battery, and initiates the most appropriate charging mode to suit what is required. The trickle charge function protects and conserves the battery for a continuously optimum charge level. This makes the CC-BC 6 M suitable for all types of vehicle, particularly seasonal vehicles with long laidup times. Instead of allowing the battery to slowly discharge fully and risking an exhaustive discharge as a result, the battery is kept topped up to its optimum level using trickle charging. The trickle charge relieves the battery cells and extends working life, preventing avoidable, cost-intensive replacement of a defective vehicle battery. Cars, motorbikes and scooters are immediately ready for use at the start of the season. A winter charging mode has been specially developed for outside temperatures below 5° Celsius. Over-discharged batteries with intact cells can be restored using the rescue function on the CC-BC 6 M. The Einhell Battery Charger is equipped with automatic over-charge, short circuit and reverse polarity protection. These protection mechanisms not only protect the charger, but also the battery. The LCD battery voltage and charge status display shows at a glance the current state of the battery and the mode in which the charger is operating. Thanks to its fully-insulated clamps, the batteries can be connected easily and safely to the Einhell Battery Charger. The integrated wall bracket means that the charger can be stored safely and saves on space.

Napięcie220-240 V | 50 Hz
Napięcie ładowania6 V/ 12V
Nadaje się do akumulatorów (od min. Ah to max. Ah)3-150 Ah
Prąd ładowania Min. (arith./eff.) - Max. 2 / [-] A (arith./eff.)6 V d.c.
Prąd ładowania min. (arith./eff.) - Max. 2 / [-] A (arith./eff.)12 V d.c.
logistikos duomenys
Svoris netto (kg)0.7
Bendras svoris (kg)0.82
Ilgis (mm) - ipakavimas169
Plotis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas77
Aukštis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas227
Ilgis (mm) - pakavimas355
Aukštis (mm) - pakavimas260
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