• Pelenų Filtras 12 L 2351606
  • Pelenų Filtras 12 L 2351606

Pelenų Filtras 12 L (2351606)

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The 12 L fine ash filter is an indispensable helper during the vacuuming of ash from ovens and fireplaces. Simply fitted in front of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or a normal home vacuum cleaner, it can be used for vacuuming cold ash and ash dust. The high-grade filter cartridge prevents the soiling of the vacuum cleaner. With a capacity of 18 liters, this fine ash filter tackles even challenging jobs such as the careful cleaning of cooled ovens and fireplaces. It has a suction connector, a robust metal-reinforced suction hose, and a light-weight, robust aluminium suction tube. For user-friendly handling there is a carry-handle. Thanks to the quick fasteners, the housing can be emptied and cleaned with a twist of the wrist.

Vieno vamzdyno skersmuo35 mm
Vieno vamzdyno ilgis1 m
bako talpa12 L
logistikos duomenys
Svoris netto (kg)1.9
Bendras svoris (kg)2.7
Ilgis (mm) - ipakavimas288
Plotis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas288
Aukštis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas270
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