• GH-KS 2440 Šakų Smulkintuvas 3430340
  • GH-KS 2440 Šakų Smulkintuvas 3430340
  • GH-KS 2440 Šakų Smulkintuvas 3430340

GH-KS 2440 Šakų Smulkintuvas (3430340)

  • 2 turnable blades made of special steel
  • Generous funnel opening
  • Motor circuit breaker switch
  • Swing-down funnel with safety interlock
  • Robust chassis with wheels
  • Hook for securing the garden rubbish bag
  • Practical transport handle
  • Fixing for prodder
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The GH-KS 2440 electric shredder is a powerful and reliable tool for the speedy and effective shredding of tree cuttings, hedge cuttings and garden waste. It is equipped with two long-lasting reversible knives made of special steel which convince by their high cutting performance. The generous funnel opening makes it easy for the machine to draw in the material you want to shred. For easy and user-friendly transportation there is a robust chassis with wheels and a practical transport handle. GH-KS 2440 protects the motor against overloading. The funnel can be swung down for maintenance and cleaning. Optimum user safety is then assured by a safety interlock which interrupts the power supply. Safe operation is also assured by a restart safeguard. The garden rubbish bag is easily fastened by hooks. A prodder is provided for dislodging any pieces which are stuck in the funnel.

įtampa230-240 V | 50 Hz
Maks. moc (S6 | S6%)2400 W | 40 %
Apsisukimų skaičius4500 min-1
40 mm
logistikos duomenys
Svoris netto (kg)11.2
Bendras svoris (kg)13.75
Ilgis (mm) - ipakavimas480
Plotis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas280
Aukštis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas650
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